The Millennial Burnout Conversation Also Applies to Gamers Me

New year, new you. I’m still me. 

Cameron Kunzelman beckoned in 2019 with a paean to all the games. Specifically, how it’s a strain to play so many of them, but he carries on because he gosh darn loves ‘em – and it’s his job. And I can sympathise with him, I really can. Whether it’s true or just my imagination, big games seem to keep getting bigger (and longer), and smaller games that are really, really good come out far more often. So where’s the time to play them all?

In my case, there isn’t. But over the last few years I’ve developed quite a canny strategy for dealing with this:
  1. Buy a game
  2. Play the game
  3. Become distracted by life events or another game
  4. Never play the game again