I’m not unintelligent; I just choose to be stupid: My dumbed-down future for (a bit of) video game blogging

The below writing contains mildly graphic descriptions of adolescent activities and the odd swearer.

I’ve been moaning about not reading enough since my early teens, which now means that I’ve not read enough for more years than those when I actually read enough. Although, it’s been so long since then that now I’m not really sure if I ever did do the thing that I think I don’t do enough of now. Which might explain my inability to construct an inviting opening paragraph, not that two lines really constitutes a notable introduction anyway.
Instead of reading those ‘books’ - or anything else for that matter -  I did fun things like drinking and having barbeques in places adolescents aren’t allowed to have barbeques. I started smoking cigarettes, listening to loud, obnoxious music and learned to be ‘intimate’ with women. I played video games and attended house parties. I sometimes read reviews to find out what video games to buy, and then I played video games. I expelled a wide array of bodily fluids in an even wider array of socially-unacceptable places. I saw a friend receive a blowjob in the middle of a garden party. I consumed bodily fluids that weren’t my own. I saw the aforementioned friend receive blowjobs in public on a number of other occasions. I shit myself multiple times. I did all this while still at school, when I should have been reading and expanding my mind, and to what end?