You are the Citizen Kane of Video Games

Everyone denies that I am a genius - but no one ever called me one! - Orson Welles

That may well be true, that oh so self-effacing sound bite, but we all know that it isn’t really. Orson Welles. Let us say it again: Orson Welles. It feels good just to utter his name.

Orson Welles, then, is often cited as the most influential man in cinematic history, indeed, his most celebrated work, Citizen Kane, is widely regarded as the Best Film Ever Made. That statement is, of course, completely true. Revolutionary in its day, timeless in its brilliance; Citizen Kane is both scholastically and populously celebrated as a work of uncompromising genius.

It is only fitting then, that critics, practitioners and the drooling masses alike use this cinematic tour de force as the barometer with which to judge all other cultural products. Nirvana’s In Utero is the Citizen Kane of popular-early-90s-guitar-rock. Jon Ronson’s The Psychopath Test is the Citizen Kane of left-of-field-humorous-investigative-journalism. What then, by the same leaps of logic, is the Citizen Kane of video games? Does it even exist? It has to, doesn’t it?

I’ve created a work of player-driven fiction to explore this very topic. In it, you play the part of Orson Welles himself as he explores the personal ramifications of creating the Greatest Cultural Artefact Ever. ‘Players’ have never before been given this level of access to the great man himself, and YatCKoVG offers an unprecedented look at the world through the eyes of the greatest visionary to have ever lived.

So join me, please, as each of us becomes The Citizen Kane of Video Games.

"Everybody denies I am a genius - but nobody ever called me one!" - Orson Welles